All His Secrets

A drained bank account, a bloody knee, and a lost little girl were how I started my day. How’d you start yours?

The entire world wanted a piece of Rhys Thayer. He’d been on the cover of every major magazine, but he’s walked into my diner with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Live-in nanny for his little girl.

He needed someone to pull her out of her shell and I need money and a place to stay. I didn’t know the first thing about being a nanny, but he’s not taking no for an answer. I couldn’t think about the way his looks send shivers down my spine, his deep, rich voice that sounds like a caress with each word or the way one touch left my skin sizzling. It’s strictly business, until one night changed everything.

Everyone thinks they know him, but only I know his secrets. The entire world wants a piece of him, but they have no idea what he’s hiding...