All His Secrets

Could this day get worse? A drained bank account, a bloody knee, and getting kicked out of my apartment. Oh, how about adding in a kidnapping charge?

When a lost little girl wandered into my diner, I had no idea she was his. Rhys Thayer. One of the most powerful men in New York, hell, the world. His piercing blue eyes send a shiver straight down my spine.

He took one look at his little girl’s smile and offered me a job on the spot. He needed a new nanny. And I needed a new job. How could I say no? I signed on the dotted line and became the newest nanny in a penthouse overlooking the glittering city.

The nanny part wasn’t too hard, but dealing with my boss was a whole different story. He had a smile that could melt your panties off, a voice that ran like honey and his touch made my skin sizzle. This was supposed to be strictly business, but he’s changing the rules.

One day changes everything and the past he’s been trying to bury can’t be hidden anymore. The entire world wants a piece of him, but I'm uncovering his secrets one touch at a time...