All His Secrets

Order up! One CEO with piercing blue eyes, his withdrawn little girl and an offer I can’t refuse. 

No one like Rhys Thayer had ever walked into my diner. It wasn’t that his suit costs more than a year’s worth of rent for my cramped apartment or that his cologne would melt the panties off all the women in a three block radius, it’s that one look from him sent my heart pounding and made my head swim. 

With a drained bank account and no place to go, his offer was tempting. When his little girl smiled at me, I couldn’t say no. I signed on the dotted line and became the newest nanny in a penthouse overlooking the glittering city. 

But all that glitters isn’t gold and Rhys is hiding more than a drop-dead sexy body under all those three-piece suits. I try to keep it strictly professional, but the sadness flickering in his eyes makes it hard to ignore. He has a well-hidden past and secrets the world has yet to uncover. 

And every day I get closer to falling for my boss and learning the truth about Rhys Thayer...