My books all take place in the same universe, so some characters pop up here and there across various books, but there’s no wrong way to read their stories. The interconnected standalones can be picked up at any point!

Suggested Reading Order:

  1. Kings of RIttenhouse novella (Kings of Rittenhouse Series) <— Read it for FREE today!!

  2. Shameless King (Kings of Rittenhouse Series)

  3. Reckless King (Kings of Rittenhouse Series)

  4. Mr. Control (Misters Series)

  5. Mr. Ruin (Misters Series)

  6. Under His Ink

  7. Mr. Wicked (Misters Series)

  8. Blinded (Breaking Free Series)

  9. Mixed (Breaking Free Series)

  10. Served (Breaking Free Series)

  11. Rocked (Breaking Free Series)

  12. Passion on the Pitch

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