[Steamy Scene Alert!] The Perfect View Office Romance {Bonus Scene Part 2}


I’ve got another steamy scene alert for you! The Perfect View is a fun, hot novella I wrote exclusively for my newsletter, but I couldn’t get enough of these two, so I wrote a couple of new scenes and wanted to share them here! Have another taste of Ash and Keely below and you can subscribe to my newsletter for a heaping helping of office romance fun!

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His words were the exact same as our first meeting. And they had the exact same impact, even more so because I knew what was coming. A shiver shot through me.

My eyes locked with his. “You’re going to need to check for yourself.” I pressed his hand harder against my heated flesh. My body threatened to overheat at the warmth of his touch.

His eyes widened and a beautiful smile broke out across his face. “Fuck, just when I think I’ve got you on the ropes, you hit me with something like that and knock me out.” He shook his head. “It’s always the quiet ones, huh? Maybe it wasn’t a mistake when you spilled that coffee.” He nipped the side my neck and lifted out of the seat, taking me with him.

My hands slid across the smooth table. The cool air hit my bare ass as he lifted the skirt and palmed my ass.

“If I’d known how thing would turn out, I'd have spilled coffee on myself every late night I was stuck in the office.”

“You’re a heart attack waiting to happen.” He swatted my butt. “How am I supposed to make it through the rest of the day with you way over there?”

I peered over my shoulder, licking my lips as he ripped open the condom wrapper.

“What’s going to keep me from taking my cock in my hands thinking about you while you’re watching me over my shoulder?” He ran his hard length up and down my drenched opening. The only thing between me and him was the small scrap of fabric covering my pussy.

“I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I’ll have to run off to—“ The words died in my throat.

He wrenched my bikini briefs to the side and sank into me in one smooth solid thrust that seemed to go on forever.

Every inch stretched me, hitting every pleasure center along the way. The air whooshed out of my lungs. My legs trembled. I clawed at the cool wood table and bit my lip to keep from screaming.

“I know how I’ll make it through. I’m going to make you come so hard on my dick that we’ll both be floating through the rest of the afternoon.” His fingers sunk into my hips. Each thrust met by one of mine and a stifled grunt and moan.

The office filled with the sounds of our flesh meeting in a symphony of pleasure I couldn’t contain. He wrapped his fingers around my hair, lifted me up. His pace never let up. Not a break in the rhythm for me to catch my breath. It would be one hell of a way to go.

“Tonight, we’ll be in a bed. I can show you how hard its been for me not to storm into your office and fuck you in that boardroom all over again.” He tilted my head and captured my lips in a kiss to match the rhythm of our bodies. It was a hungry kiss matching the rolling and grinding of our hips. I was tumbling down a well of helpless lust, driven to the brink by his power.

His hand slipped down from my waist to my clit. With one quick tap, he set me off. He swallowed my screams and kept going pushing me over the edge a second time. Pressing me even harder against him, he released my mouth. He bit down on my shoulder as he expanded inside me, exploding and filling the condom.

My legs shook and if it weren’t for him, I’d have collapsed onto the floor.

We collapsed on top of the table in a panting heap. He braced himself, so I wasn’t taking his full weight, but enough to feel blanketed by him. His arms looped up around me. He pulled out. Our collective groan filled the room. Spinning me around, he held me tight against him. The pounding of his heart confirmed it wasn’t just me who felt completely out of control.

“You should deliver lunch to me more often.” He chuckled into my hair.

“That would be a recipe for us getting caught.” I smiled into his collar, glad I wasn’t wearing lipstick or he’d be even more of a mess.

“You love it. The thrill of that possibility.” He leaned back and stared into my eyes.

“It’s only because you’re a bad influence.” I smacked his butt.

His laughter shook both our bodies. “That might be the case, but I can’t help it when I’m around you.” He traced his thumb across my bottom lip.

“The feeling’s mutual.” My gaze darted away to the plush beige carpet.

He kissed the side of my head. Doing some quick maneuvering, he pulled his shirt down over his exposed cock. The afternoon sun came streaming in through the windows. If anyone was in my office trying to scope him out they might have gotten an eyeful. He strode over to his desk and hit a button, frosting the exterior glass of his window.

My jaw dropped. “You could have done that this whole time?”

He chuckled and winked at me.

“This entire time everyone in my building is ogling you and you could have frosted the windows?” I lobbed a plastic fork at him as he darted into his private bathroom to get rid of the condom. It bounced off the wall beside the door.

He popped back out with a wide grin. “You missed. Maybe you need to come a little closer next time.” With his pearly whites on full display he disappeared back into the bathroom. The faucet turned on and the sound of running water filled the room.

I pushed my skirt back down, trying my best to straighten it. Running my fingers through my hair, I tried to get a few tangles out. I needed a mirror so I could fix myself and not look like I’d spent my lunch bent over a conference room table.

“I have to go out of town tomorrow.” Standing in the doorway shirtless, he walked over to me with a washcloth in his hand.

Disappointment pitted in my stomach. “For how long?”

His hands skimmed over the back of my legs, pushing my recently smoothed skirt back up over my ass. With a squeeze and a quick jerk, he pulled me against him.

The buttons of my blouse, pressed against his hard, smooth chest. “Why are you going and putting yourself together, when you know I’m just going to dirty you up again?”

I was pretty sure the butterflies had turned into full blown eagles in my stomach by now.

His lips peppered my neck with kisses.

“Too long.” His words snapped me out of my daze.

“What’s too long?”

“I’ll be gone too long. About a week.” He loosened his hold on me and dragged the warm cloth between my legs.

I parted them, giving him full access. Biting my bottom lip, I held onto his shoulders as he cleaned me up. The slow, methodical drag of the washcloth over my molten pussy had the opposite effect. How did he keep doing this to me?

“The same way you’re doing it to me.” He groaned. His gaze riveted to his hands parting my lips. The pretense of cleaning me up was long lost.

My eyes got wide. Had I said that aloud?

His thumb brushed against my clit.  “How much longer can I convince you to stay?”

“Don’t you have work to do?”

His lips curled up in slanted smirk. “I do, but if I’m going to be away from you for the next week, I’ll need something to tide me over. Texting and phone calls is not going to be enough.” He rested his forehead against mine.

“It will be that much better when you get back.” My pussy clenched around his invading fingers.

“Do you know how crazy I’ve been knowing you’re over there watching me? How am I supposed to work?”

I let out a shuddering breath. “How do you think I feel? All the women in my office ogling you from my window. The way they talk about your body and what they’d like to do with you.” A moan escaped my lips and I trembled in his hold.

“They can look all they like, but I don’t want to be used by anyone but you.”

My laugh was swallowed up by his demanding lips. I gulped when he sunk to his knees and leaned me back against his desk. The cool wood hit the backs of my thighs and I sucked in a breath.

He ran his hands along my thighs, lifting one and hiking it over his shoulder, exposing me to him. “I swear you’re my own personal drug. Have dinner with me tonight.” He dragged his fingers along my wet, swollen pussy.

My heart pounded against my ribs. Before the words were out of my mouth, his lips latched onto my clit. My head rolled back as he painted my pussy with his tongue, exploring every inch of me like a man starved. Like we hadn’t had a full meal less than an hour ago.

I couldn’t look away. His gaze locked onto mine until I couldn’t take it anymore. My back arched and I clenched my jaw shut, so everyone in the office didn’t know exactly what we were up to. A flick of his wrist and my orgasm crashed through the thin barrier of restraint I’d been clinging onto.

Panting, I drifted back from the cloud I’d rocketed up to and rested my cheek against his chest.

“It looks like I’m going to have to clean you up again. You taste so good. I’m sure I could think of one way to get the job done.” He laughed into my hair and ran his fingers up and down my back.

“Oh no you don’t,” I pushed away from him. “If you’re the one cleaning up, I might as well call in sick for the rest of the day.”

“That sounds like an awesome idea.” He laid it on thick with a killer smile.

“I don’t think so. You’re going to get me fired.” I rushed into the bathroom.

“They wouldn’t dare. Not after how hard you’ve worked for them. How’s the promotion going?”

My head snapped up and I stared at myself in the mirror. Swallowing against the tightness in my throat, I cleared it. “It’s going. Still nothing yet.”

“They’d be a fool not to give it to you.”

I turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on my face. The promotion I’d worked so hard for over the past eighteen months. The promotion for the position they’d moved to London over 4000 miles away from Ash. How did I tell him? What did I tell him? Would whatever this was end once I did?

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