[Steamy Scene Alert!] The Perfect View Office Romance {Bonus Scene Part 1}


You may or may not know, but I have a newsletter exclusive novella called The Perfect View. This was a super fun, extra hot little treat I whipped up this year! And what I wrote of these two just wasn’t enough, so I had to write a little more. I’ll be sharing the bonus scenes over the next couple of blog posts.

Have you ever seen a hottie out a window at work? A coffee shop? Or just anywhere, really? That’s what the The Perfect View is for me. It’s that stomach flutter feeing you get when you make eye contact with a guy who could set the room on fire!

It all starts with a spilled cup of coffee, an accidental striptease and a first encounter on a conference room table. Ash and Keely are so deliciously fun together and I can’t wait to revisit them again!

Silverware clattered and some diners started on happy hour a few hours earlier than usual. Sunlight poured in through the large glass window at the front of the restaurant. My gaze darted to the secluded booth in the far corner. Customers flowed around me at my spot leaning against the bar. The white linen table cloths at the tables dropped almost to the floor. My cheeks heated and I tried not to look over there again.

The lunch date I’d had with Ash a couple of weeks ago still vivid in my mind. I swore everyone around me knew the highlight reel playing in my head. My hand on his cock under the table. His fingers dancing across my clit as tried to pay attention to the waiter rattling off the specials.

I squeezed my thighs together against the throbbing in my pussy. Had it already been two days since I’d seen him? Well not seen him, but touched him. Felt his hands on me. Monster deadlines were breathing down our necks, so it had been late nights in the office as usual. I bounced on the balls of my feet trying to get rid of my nervous energy.

“Your to-go order is ready.”

I jumped when the waiter popped up beside me with the brown bag dangling from his fingers.

“Thank you.” Signing for the food, I rushed back to the office. I had some later afternoon meetings to prepare for, but I needed to get this food to Ash.

In the elevator to his office building, I fidgeted with my skirt. Smoothing it down my legs with the bag bumping against my thighs, I pressed the button for his floor. The suits beside me walked off and more got on. It was like the universe was conspiring to make this the longest elevator ride possible.

The ding signaling our arrival to the fifteenth floor. I squeezed my way to the front of the car and I stepped out. Glancing around, I tried to orient myself. It was weird trying to find my way around a building I’d only seen from the outside.  There were only two companies on this floor. The large frosted glass window on one side featured and understated, but classic AGK logo. Alexander, Grayson and Killmore.

Pushing through the main door, I walked up to the receptionist’s desk.

“Hi, I have lunch for Ash.” I held up the bag and smiled.

Her forehead scrunched. “I wasn’t aware Mr. Alexander had ordered lunch.” She tapped away on her computer.

“No, he didn’t. I got it for him. I saw how hard he was working and that he hadn’t eaten yet, so I thought I’d get it for him.” And I missed him.

“You saw him?” Her eyebrow lifted.

“Through the window. His window. Our windows face each other. I work in the office across the street.” The words came out in a rush and sounded a lot like something a crazy stalker would say.

“So you watch him through his window?” She stood up from her chair looking like she was five seconds away from calling the cops.

“He’s seen me too.” In my underwear, but that wasn’t the point. “Can you let him know Keely is here? We know each other.” Could the floor open up and swallow me now?

She picked up the phone and turned a little, while still keeping an eye on me. Her muffled words into the receiver made my stomach churn.

Who’d turned on that french fry light that was currently burning up the back of my neck? What if he was busy? In an important meeting? I should have sent him a text. Why was I so dead set on a surprise. The temptation to leave the bag and bolt slammed into me. With my luck she’d call the bomb squad to detonate it.

“Mr. Alexander said you can come right in.” Her voice pulled me out of my minor meltdown.

“Great, thanks.” I squeaked. Following her, I walked past the rest of the filled offices. Some had frosted glass walls while others were transparent. At the end of the long hallway, there was a solid wall with a frosted glass door.

The receptionist pushed open the door and I stepped inside.

Ash’s eyes lit up the second I crossed the threshold. “Yes, looking forward to seeing you next week to go over the plans for next quarter. Thank you, Rachel.” He said over my shoulder. The door closed behind me.

A voice blared out of the phone on his desk. “We’re going to be burning the midnight oil when you’re here.”

“Sounds good. I’ve got to go. A VIP arrived and I'll be tied up for a while.”

I stared out of the floor to ceiling window behind him. My office looked so cramped and dark compared to his.

“To what do I owe this surprise?” He rounded his desk. The sleeves of his button down shirt were rolled halfway up, exposing his strong, sinewy forearms. Brushing back the hair behind my ear, he pulled me tight against him, crushing the bag between us. His lips crashed down onto mine.

The butterflies in my stomach kicked it up to mach-5. Threading his fingers into my hair, he delved deeper into my mouth. He tasted like mint and oranges. Ten minutes or ten hours later, we came up for air.

Panting, my fingers tightened around the handle of the bag. Lunch. Oh yeah. “I brought you some food.” I lifted the bag smashed between us. “I saw how hard you were working. Your shoulders all bunched and tight.” I ran a hand over the hard, smooth muscles of his neck.

“I can’t slack off when I know you’re watching me.” He rested his forehead against mine. “Thank you for the food. I’m starving.” A quick peck turned into round two.

I fisted his shirt in my hands, bunching the fabric between my fingers. Shit, we’re still in his office. He’s at work. “Sorry. I hope you don’t have any meetings later.” I smoothed out the creases I’d made.

“It’s a perk of being the boss. If someone doesn’t like a wrinkled shirt, they can get the hell out.” He took my hand and walked me over to the conference table in the corner. I hadn’t been able to see this far into the office from my window. The room was bigger than my apartment. He set the bag down on the smooth dark wood table. Goosebumps raised all over my body when I thought about the last time we’d been at a table like this.

He nipped my neck and I yelped. “Stop looking at this table like that or I won’t be able to control myself.” His smirk nearly melted my full-coverage-why-the-hell-hadn’t-I-worn-something-sexier underwear right off my body. Reaching into the bag in my hands, he pulled out the now semi-crumpled take out boxes.

“I didn’t know what you liked, so I got a couple different things.” Nerves knotted in my stomach. I didn’t want to come off as a clingy girlfriend, is that what I was?

“Thank you. I was going to have Rachel order me something when I got off the phone, but my stomach was growling.” He sat in a chair and pulled me down on top of him. “You already know me so well.” His fingers traced along my cheek and stared into my eyes.

I locked my knees at the flare of desire. He smelled so good and felt even better. How did you miss someone you’d only known for a few weeks? “You work hard and I didn’t see you with any breakfast this morning after your workout, so I figured you’d be hungry.”

“Checking up on me, huh?”

My cheeks burned. Yes, I still watched him from my window even when I should be working. It was second nature at this point. I shrugged. “Sometimes.”

“I like that you care enough to notice. Eat with me.” It wasn’t a question. He wrapped his arms around me and popped open the lids on the containers.

It was on the tip of my tongue to say I needed to get back when the heavenly smells filled my nose.

“You chose well.” He whispered against my neck.

My pussy clenched at the heat of his words on my skin. I tried to wiggle off his lap, but he kept me caged between his arms and the table. My bare legs scraped against the fabric of his suit pants.

“What do you want to try first?” He pointed at the containers with his fork.

My stomach grumbled. “Whichever. As you can hear, I’m a little hungry too.”

He squeezed his arms around me and fed me some of the pasta in a mouthwatering, creamy white sauce. “You keep making noises like that and I’m not going to be the only one leaving here with wrinkled clothes.”

His cock strained against my butt wanting me to know that was a serious threat. Without thinking, I ground myself down onto his erection.

He choked on his forkful of food and squeezed his other hand around my waist.

“I was going to let you go with a gentle mauling, but now, I’m going to need to be more thorough.” He dropped his fork. His hand settled on my knee, squeezing it before pushing his hand higher and taking my skirt with it.

“They can see.” My words came out like a cross between a stutter and a gasp.

His breath skirted across the shell of my ear. “No. They can’t.”

I parted my thigh as far apart as the skirt would allow. Each inch exposing more of me as his hand pushed up the constricting fabric.

His thumb brushed across the fabric at the apex of my thighs. “Tell me Keely. Are you wet?”