[The Second We Met] Cover Reveal Date!

The cover reveal for The Second We met will be here on Monday. You’ll also get the release date and the official blurb! Woohoo!!

You are not going to want to miss this. Nix is just as freaking yummy as you want him to be. I have to look at that cover at least once a week and keep your eyes peeled for all the paperback giveaways I have coming for you in the next few weeks!

Nix is pretty much everything I hate.

Football player. Check!

Guy with legions of adoring fans. Double check!

Pain in my ass neighbor throwing parties until three am. Triple check!

He thinks a wink and a smile is enough to get away with anything. Well he's finally met his match!

The Second We Met is an enemies-to-lovers, neighbor from hell romance!


Are you ready? The semester starts at Fulton U next month!

[The Second We Met] The Teasers Are Coming!

I love these two. So much feistiness from Elle and a bit of cockiness from Nix. I mean, you know me, so you know he’s not a total asshole, but he’s definitely a button pusher. Who hasn’t had that person who pushes their buttons all day long? Even Mr. Hughes knows how to push my buttons.

And who doesn’t love a little button pushing from someone who gets under their skin in all the best ways. So much intensity. So much chemistry! Such a big explosion.

All-star Quarterback.
Big man on campus.
One smile can melt the panties off most women in a three-mile radius.

Phoenix "Nix" Russo is the biggest pain in my ass and the neighbor from hell. And I've hated him since The Second We Met.


Are you ready? The semester starts at Fulton U next month!

[The Second We Met] The Trojans Are Coming!

The Trojans are coming! The Trojans are coming! Classes are almost in session at Fulton U and Nix will be here next month. From the emails and messages, I know you want him now. Trust me, I know, LOL! But he’ll be here before you know it.

So it’s not really a new book announcement per se, more of an I’ve heard you and don’t worry, he’s on his way. I’m in the middle of the next round of edits, which there always seem to be hundreds and then everything will be ready to go.

Anyone else have kids just going back to school? It’s definitely slowed me down a bit. We’re still figuring out the schedules for everyone and their activities. Some don’t have their crap together, which throws us off because we might have to rearrange everything and pick up and drop off schedules.

Are you in the middle of the back to school madness? And what do you think of this teaser?

“Can I put the towel back on or are you still checking me out?”

Elle’s week has gone from bad to worse. Recently cheated on. Again. Scrambling for a place to stay. And now walking in on her new neighbor—naked.

But he’s not just any neighbor. He’s a jackass football player who’s way too hot for his own good… and knows it. She’s not ready to join his fan club, not by a long shot.

Nix is a lock for the first-round draft pick. But first, he’s on a spring break community service reputation rehab tour. Hammer a few nails, take a few pics, no big deal.

Except his new project coordinator is the pink haired menace from across the street and the reason he’s in this mess to begin with.

What’s the worst that could happen? Other than a trip to the ER…

Sparks, hammers and nails fly as these two sweat it out for charity and find there's so much more to each of them than meets the eye.

Elle might be the most infuriating woman he’s ever met, but Nix is ready to dismantle her walls - screw by screw.


Are you ready? The semester starts at Fulton U next month!