[The Perfect First] 1 Week!

The Trojans are coming! The Trojans are coming! Fulton U begins in 10 days with The Perfect First and Reece Michaels is storming onto the field and into the hearts of readers! Grab your fans, a tall drink and get ready for all the FEELS!

Without thinking, I reached out and wiped away the liquid dripping off her chin, rubbing it away with my thumb. The tip of my finger grazed her bottom lip. My heart collided with my ribs. The world froze. The people on the dance floor disappeared. Nothing existed except for my thumb and her smooth, full lip. Her tongue darted out, nearly grazing my thumb. I wanted her to wrap those lips around my thumb. I wanted to taste those lips and even more of her. A hunger Iā€™d never felt before pounded in my gut. I wanted to taste all of her.


Are you ready? The semester starts at Fulton U in one week!