[Manhattan Misters] SALE!

My misters have a brand new look and I’m running my first sale of the year! Grab your new copy of the Manhattan Misters, single dad romance, All His Secrets, for ONLY $0.99!

Rhys Thayer, Killian Thorne, and John Grimsby are taking you back to the city that never sleeps for stories that’ll make you swoon!


Order up! One CEO with piercing blue eyes, his withdrawn little girl and a job offer I couldn’t refuse.

No one like Rhys Thayer had ever walked into my diner. It wasn’t that his suit costs more than a year’s worth of rent for my cramped apartment or that his cologne would melt the panties off all the women in a three block radius, it’s that one look from him sent my heart pounding and made my head swim.

With a drained bank account and no place to go, his offer was tempting. When his little girl smiled at me, I couldn’t say no. I signed on the dotted line and became the newest nanny in a penthouse overlooking the glittering city.

But all that glitters isn’t gold and Rhys is hiding more than a drop-dead sexy body under all those three-piece suits. I try to keep it strictly professional, but the sadness flickering in his eyes makes it hard to ignore. He has a well-hidden past and secrets the world has yet to uncover.

And every day I get closer to falling for my boss and learning the truth about Rhys Thayer...

Grab All His Secrets for only $0.99 in this limited time sale! And the entire series is FREE in KU!