[The Perfect First] 5 Days!

The early reviews for The Perfect First are coming in and I’m loving them so much! I’m so happy readers are falling for Reece and love Seph so much!

“The Perfect First had me laughing, giddy and had me on full-on smile mode. This book was exactly what I needed. There were times when I couldn’t catch my breath because I was laughing so hard, I mean tears in my eyes snort laughing. It wasn’t pretty, but so what, who cares?” - Vanessa, Nessreads

“The Perfect First was the perfect book! I love how Maya Hughes writes a flawed, new adult, hero and turns him into a redeemable, loveable man. Reece Michaels turned into such a gentleman and was so easy to fall for[…]” - Kay, Kay Daniels Romance

“What a delicious book with a genius adorkable unique gal and major heart eyes hero. Fun, steamy, sweet and just darn dreamy.” - Thuy, Tweezy Reads


Welcome to Fulton U! The semester starts in 5 days!