[The Second We Met] The Teasers Are Coming!

I love these two. So much feistiness from Elle and a bit of cockiness from Nix. I mean, you know me, so you know he’s not a total asshole, but he’s definitely a button pusher. Who hasn’t had that person who pushes their buttons all day long? Even Mr. Hughes knows how to push my buttons.

And who doesn’t love a little button pushing from someone who gets under their skin in all the best ways. So much intensity. So much chemistry! Such a big explosion.

All-star Quarterback.
Big man on campus.
One smile can melt the panties off most women in a three-mile radius.

Phoenix "Nix" Russo is the biggest pain in my ass and the neighbor from hell. And I've hated him since The Second We Met.


Are you ready? The semester starts at Fulton U next month!